Some random photos from last week when I quickly walked through Shinjuku Kabukicho after watching “Cinderella” in a theater.

So this castle-like building is a karaoke place (which seems like it used to be a famous cafe) and next to it is a small shrine.

Ahh many places to eat… I see many foreign tourists in the town these days. They must have a hard time picking a restaurant for each meal.


This shop obviously sells all kinds of “don”(bowl dish) with sashimi toppings.


This is another karaoke place. Not sure about the connection with this alien-like creature. The name of this karaoke box can be literally translated into English as “I’m-gonna-sing village”.

The Gozilla head is now the new photo spot in Shinjuku. His eyes light up red and smoke will come out from the mouth at night, I heard.



Written by mochi-tomo