Today, many cherry blossoms in Tokyo reached full bloom! It’s officially spring in Japan. Luckily, I had a day off today, so I cycled around my neighborhood to take photos of sakura.

Under the perfect warm, sunny weather, so many children and their parents were enjoying hanami (picnic under cherry blossom trees) in the parks. I was so glad I was not stuck in the office on this day!

According to what I read on the internet, there are several hundred kinds of sakura in Japan. The most common one you see is a kind called someiyoshino (the photo above). I think I saw about five kinds today.

So it is finally spring. What I love about living in Japan is that there are different flowers and plants to enjoy in each season. What I don’t like about that though is that there are always so many people around those things! But being one of them myself, I should not complain. 😀

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Written by mochi-tomo