The Must-Haves for Travel in Japan -Smartphone, Cash, and IC Card-

As the title says, I think a smartphone(preferably online), cash, and an IC card are the 3 things better to have when you travel Japan. In this post, I will share some information related to these 3 items that I think are useful.   1. Smartphone If you want to keep your smarphone online, get a local SIM card. For more information about prepaid SIM cards in Japan, please check my other post: Everything You Need to Know About Prepaid SIM Cards in Japan Now these are the apps and websites I suggest you take a look.   To Search the Train Route Google Map may solve all the problems. In addition… Read more »

  • Japanese Style Prayer Room (Tourism Expo Japan 2014)

    I went to Tourism Expo Japan and luckily got a chance to see “Wanoma” (和の間)exhibited by Halal Japan Business Association. “Wanoma” means Japanese style room or space. A company called Tanseisha(丹青社)is planning to develop Japanese style muslim prayer rooms for muslim tourists. It was crowded and unofortunately my photos are blurry but you can see a basin and tap for ablution and tatami mats. Do you think you would go if there was a Japanese style prayer room like this? I thought it’s a good idea. And there was a halal bento seller at the venue. I didn’t get to taste it but it was a simple Japanese style bento certified by Malaysia… Read more »

  • Japan Muslim Guide

    Japan Muslim Guide The Japan Muslim Guide provides information on accommodation, restaurants and mosques for Muslim visitors to Japan. We would be very happy if this could be of any help in making your trip more comfortable. This is exactly what I wanted to do with my website but Halal Japan Business Association has completed it before I do… But anyway, this would be a really useful website for muslims living in Japan and for muslim tourists. To make my website different from ones like this, I think I want to make mine more personal rather than just a collection of information. I will try to write reviews and reports… Read more »

  • 2-Day Halal Business Course by Halal Japan Business Association

      I decided to go to a 2-day halal business course and learn what is “halal” in global and general terms before starting this blog.  I’ve had a basic knowledge about Islam from living and working in Islamic country and mingling with muslim friends but when it comes to “halal” or “halal food,” I was always confused. Why is there halal butter and non-halal butter when butter doesn’t contain meat? Can I share my glass with a muslim friend which is washed with soap but might have been used as a beer glass in the past…? Is hand sanitizers containing alcohol haram…? and such. It seemed to me that everyone… Read more »

  • New Prayer Room @ Osaka Station City

    There will be a new prayer room opening on October 22 in Osaka Station City building which is located in the Osaka Station. It’s size is 30m2, opening hours is between 11am to 7pm, men and women’s rooms are separated with a shower facility in each room. Note that it’s for people of all religions.

  • Must-try halal restaurants in the Tokyo area | tsunagu Japan

    Must-try halal restaurants in the Tokyo area | tsunagu Japan A list of halal and muslim-friendly restaurants in Tokyo!

  • Muslim Tourist Information – Yokohama Visitors’ Guide

    Muslim Tourist Information – Yokohama Visitors’ Guide Yokohama Visitors’ Guide > Muslim Tourist Information Yokohama is full of appealing tourism spots – from great restaurants to halal food shops and a mosque – for Muslim tourists. To take in as much of the attractions as possible, use the model sightseeing courses to maximize your time and fun in the city! Please click … Wow, Yokohama has its own Muslim Tourist Information page in their website. I’m impressed they have detailed information of the halal restaurants. I know disclosure of information like this will provide a peace of mind to a cautious person like Norsiah! I want to go try the… Read more »

  • Muslim Friendly Restaurant: Tentei @ Narita Airport T2

    Amy, my Muslim friend from Brunei living in Japan is helping me out with this blog! Teri makasih! Here’s a review of a muslim friendly restaurant in Narita International Airport by her. Besides Tentei, there’s another muslim friendly restaurant called Kineyamugimaru, a homemade udon restaurant, in terminal 1. Your review is also welcome, feel free to write your comment here. Good news for Muslims who are waiting for their flight, stranded or just arrived at Narita International airport! There is a halal-certified (by Malaysian Halal Consultation & Training Agency) Japanese restaurant, named “あげたての味 天亭 Tentei”, which specialised in tempura and soba noodles. It is located on the 4th departure floor of… Read more »

  • Amezaiku Workshop in Asakusa

    Amezaiku is a Japanese folk art of making candy sculptures. Ameshin in Asakusa is a small Amezaiku workshop/cafe owned by a young Japanese Amezaiku artisan where you can experience making an Amezaiku yourself! The photos posted here are from the day I tried it with my sister. Each of us made a rabbit candy. The teacher said the rabbit motif is for beginners as making it requires all the basic skills of Amezaiku art. So 2 minutes is the only time given to you to complete your candy art. After 2 minutes, you can’t change the form. The chunk of soft candy is made from boiled starch syrup that is… Read more »

  • Muslim Friendly Restaurant: Malay Asian Cuisine (Shibuya)

    This was my very first time to try Malay food in Japan and Malay Asian Cuisine was really really good. My Bruneian friend Amy and I ordered Nasi Lemak and we both loved it!! The chef is Malay and the sambal is their original. The whole menu is halal and they use halal meat only, but they do serve alcohol (I’m not sure if any restaurant in Tokyo can survive without selling alcohol…). The lunch set is 1000yen and it comes with free flow of soft drinks, salad, soup, and dessert. I need to try their Mee Laksa next time…!! Malay Asian Cuisine