The Must-Haves for Travel in Japan -Smartphone, Cash, and IC Card-

As the title says, I think a smartphone(preferably online), cash, and an IC card are the 3 things better to have when you travel Japan. In this post, I will share some information related to these 3 items that I think are useful.   1. Smartphone If you want to keep your smarphone online, get a local SIM card. For more information about prepaid SIM cards in Japan, please check my other post: Everything You Need to Know About Prepaid SIM Cards in Japan Now these are the apps and websites I suggest you take a look.   To Search the Train Route Google Map may solve all the problems. In addition… Read more »

  • Duty-free Items increased for the foreign visitors to Japan!

    From October 1st, 2014, foreign visitors to Japan can purchase consumable goods such as medicines, food, drinks, and cosmetics without paying the 8% consumption tax! Before then, only general goods such as electronics and clothes were applicable for duty-free shopping.  For details, check this page by Japan Shopping Tourism Organization.

  • Mt. Fuji

  • Muslim Friendly Restaurant : Salma Tikka Biryani @ Shinagawa

    Best biryani I’ve had in my life!!!! This Indian restaurant is delicious, reasonable, clean, and muslim friendly. All the food here is halal; the chicken, lamb, and mutton meat used are halal. They don’t serve pork and beef. The only reason I don’t say it is a “halal restaurant” is because they serve alcohol. I read on Feel Japan with K that Brunei Embassy staff (their embassy is located in Shinagawa) are regular customers of Salma Tikka Biryani, and it made me want to try this place with my Japanese ex-colleague from Brunei. All the good reviews on the internet were true!! We both loved the food and the seats in… Read more »

  • Prayer Room @ Gotemba Premium Outlets

    Outlet malls in Japan are popular among foreign Asian tourists. Gotemba Premium Outlet near Mt. Fuji is one of the largest in Japan where you can enjoy the view the mountain while shopping at over 200 shops. And they have a prayer room too!! For overseas visitors, they give free coupons with which you can get more discounts. To get the coupons, go to the Information Center and show your passport. Most of the shops offer tax free shopping as well for a purchase above 10001 yen. It’s a bit far from Tokyo but is a nice place to hang out. There’s a ferris wheel, too. You could include a… Read more »

  • HATOBUS|Tokyo Aladdin (A day tour for muslims)

    HATOBUS|Tokyo Aladdin (A day tour for muslims) Hato Bus is Tokyo’s foremost sightseeing bus service, providing convenient one-day trips to all of Tokyo’s best tourist spots. With our great variety of tours and destinations, let us create a perfect day in Tokyo just for you! Great news for muslims interested in getting around Tokyo! Hatobus is a famous bus tour agent in Tokyo, and they now have a day tour for muslims called “Tokyo Aladdin”! (Couldn’t they come up with a better name..?!) They have a tour on Mondays and Fridays, and the price is 9,500 yen/adult and 8,500 yen/child, including lunch and an English speaking guide. Somehow, the Friday… Read more »

  • Muslim Friendly Restaurant : Gyumon(牛門) @ Shibuya

    Few weeks ago, I went to try halal yakiniku in Shibuya with my muslim friend Amy and her husband, and my sister. Gyumon is certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation as a local halal restaurant (I will write about this “local halal certification” next time…). They serve both halal and non-halal meat, and they serve alcohol too. However, everything is separated between halal and non-halal; they have a halal kitchen, halal tableware and grills.

  • Muslim Friendly Kyoto

    Muslim Friendly Kyoto Kyoto prefecture has their own Kyoto Travel Guide for muslims! The website is in English, Arabic, Turkish and Bahasa Melayu! They have separated restaurants into 4 categories: halal, muslim friendly, muslim welcome, and pork-free. 京都府の外国人観光客向けのウェブサイトにムスリム用のページがありました。レストランも4つにカテゴライズ(halal, muslim friendly, muslim welcome, pork-free)されていて、これなら利用する側にとっても安心です。私もこのカテゴリー分けを参考にしたいと思います。

  • “Halal” and “Muslim Friendly”

    A lot of Japanese who are still unfamiliar with the word “halal” might think “muslim friendly” means the same as “halal”, but it’s not, and I too wasn’t careful enough in using the term “halal”. Recently I revised the titles of my old posts about restaurants from “Halal Restaurant” to “Muslim Friendly Restaurant”. I did so after I showed this blog to a muslim lady I got to know from the halal business course. She told me that I shouldn’t use the term “halal” if the restaurant serves alcohol even if all the menu is halal. I thought it was ok to introduce a restaurant as a “halal restaurant” as… Read more »

  • Isetan Online Shop now has a halal food section!

    Isetan is a department store known for their high quality selection of products. They now have a halal food section in their online shop! Just browsed the items and the Wagyu roasted beef looks pretty good!!