The Must-Haves for Travel in Japan -Smartphone, Cash, and IC Card-

As the title says, I think a smartphone(preferably online), cash, and an IC card are the 3 things better to have when you travel Japan. In this post, I will share some information related to these 3 items that I think are useful.   1. Smartphone If you want to keep your smarphone online, get a local SIM card. For more information about prepaid SIM cards in Japan, please check my other post: Everything You Need to Know About Prepaid SIM Cards in Japan Now these are the apps and websites I suggest you take a look.   To Search the Train Route Google Map may solve all the problems. In addition… Read more »

  • Making My Own Nukazuke (Fermented Rice Bran Pickles)

    Japanese rice bran pickles Nukazuke has been one of the most interesting food I’ve been working on this year. This post is about how I started making them and a story behind it.

  • Mashiko – A Town of Pottery

    If you have a thing for pottery, Japan has so much for you to explore. From the northern part of Honshu to Okinawa, each region has pottery of different characteristics.

  • Walking Around Daikanyama Neighborhood

    One of the few things that I like living in Tokyo is that you have your international friends visiting the city like every other month. You rarely get out of the country to treat yourself to a long vacation, which really sucks, but meeting up with your foreign friends in Tokyo makes you feel like you are on a semi-vacation, like you are half out of the country. And I love showing my friends around my hometown because it also gives me a chance to explore places both new and old.

  • Halal Malaysian Food at Rasa Malaysia (Ginza)

    It felt kind of strange to meet my Japanese friends from the time in Brunei over clay pot tofu and assam curry fish head in the middle of Tokyo. So much memories of Borneo came back to me just by browsing the familiar names of the food on the menu.

  • Cherry blossoms in full bloom!!

    Today, many cherry blossoms in Tokyo reached full bloom! It’s officially spring in Japan. Luckily, I had a day off today, so I cycled around my neighborhood to take photos of sakura.

  • Japanese Halal Beef Yakiniku at Tanden (Yoyogi)

    If you like eating beef, you would probably miss them while you are Japan. That is because carbs(rice and bread) and seafood are the easiest halal food you can find here and you would be eating these most of the time. If you like beef, however, remember that there are few restaurants in Tokyo that offer halal beef yakiniku (BBQ)! Tanden near Yoyogi station is one of them and they serve beef that is not just halal but is Japanese “wagyu” beef!!   Wagyu halal meat from Kyushu Tanden, a yakiniku BBQ restaurant Yoyogi branch offers a wagyu halal beef beside non-halal beef yakiniku menu. The halal beef is from a… Read more »

  • TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’Guide Downloadable from GO TOKYO

    “TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’Guide” is now downloadable from the official tourism website of Tokyo, GO TOKYO by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau! The brochureis divided into 4 sections: Eat, Pray, Stay, and Shop.

  • Muslim Amy’s Travel Log Japan (Part 3)

    In this last part of “Amy’s Travel Log” she will share the itinerary of this trip in detail. I found it interesting to see other people’s travel itinerary. It can help you sort out your own. 

  • Muslim Amy’s Travel Log Japan (Part 2)

    In part 2 of “Amy’s Travel Log,” she will share her and her cousins’ favorite Japanese foods, shopping and souvenirs places and sightseeing spots. Reviewing the food they liked, I’m surprised how these familiar Japanese food were already halal.