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5 Tips on How to Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Cherry blossom season in Japan is the peak foreign tourist season. It’s hard to say exactly when is the cherry blossom season in Japan because it is different by region and every year the cherry blossoms peak at different times depending on the weather and the temperature in the winter. That being said, in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms reach full bloom usually from the last week of March until the very beginning of April. It’s one of the most beautiful time of year but also the busiest. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the sakura season in Japan.   1. Find sakura around you Famous sakura viewing places are… Read more »

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Real Life Mario Kart in Tokyo with MariCar!

Real-life Mario Kart in Tokyo has become a popular activity among foreign tourists. Many have posted pictures and videos of their experiences on the internet with positive feedbacks. Some say it was the highlight of their trip in Japan. My family and I decided to try it for my birthday last year. We were a group of five. Each of us cosplayed as a different Super Mario character and went cruising around Tokyo Tower, Roppongi, and Shinagawa area on a Saturday night. Once we were on the road, we quickly understood why it was so popular. It’s weird and fun!

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Have Fun till the End of Your Trip at Haneda INT Airport

Haneda Airport is very convenient for visitors to Tokyo. If you can choose whether to fly in/out of  Narita or Haneda, I would recommend you choose Haneda. Not only because it saves your time allowing you to spend more time in the city, I think Haneda Airport is more fun than Narita. Here’re what you can do in Haneda all before proceeding to the immigration.

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Mashiko – A Town of Pottery

If you have a thing for pottery, Japan has so much for you to explore. From the northern part of Honshu to Okinawa, each region has pottery of different characteristics.

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Walking Around Daikanyama Neighborhood

One of the few things that I like living in Tokyo is that you have your international friends visiting the city like every other month. You rarely get out of the country to treat yourself to a long vacation, which really sucks, but meeting up with your foreign friends in Tokyo makes you feel like you are on a semi-vacation, like you are half out of the country. And I love showing my friends around my hometown because it also gives me a chance to explore places both new and old.

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Muslim Friendly Karaoke!

A karaoke box Manekineko has opened a new branch in Yotsuya 3 Chome, and according to them it is the first muslim friendly karaoke in Japan! This karaoke serves halal menu certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation as “Local Halal,” and provides a prayer room. It is “local halal,” which means the shop serves non halal food and alcohol at the same time but the ingredients, kitchen and utensils for halal menu are completely separated. Their halal menu includes ordinary menu you would see in Japanese karaoke box like edamame, karaage (fried chicken), french fries, pizza, and also some noodle dishes including ramen. Karaoke Honpo Manekineko (Yotsuya 3 Chome branch) http://www.karaokemanekineko.jp/shop/kanto-area/tokyo/yotsuyasantyome.html Halal… Read more »

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The view of Asakusa from Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center. I thought this view is very Tokyo. Tradition, culture, future, ordinary, unordinary, people, beer…everything just jumbled together!

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Amezaiku Workshop in Asakusa

Amezaiku is a Japanese folk art of making candy sculptures. Ameshin in Asakusa is a small Amezaiku workshop/cafe owned by a young Japanese Amezaiku artisan where you can experience making an Amezaiku yourself! The photos posted here are from the day I tried it with my sister. Each of us made a rabbit candy. The teacher said the rabbit motif is for beginners as making it requires all the basic skills of Amezaiku art. So 2 minutes is the only time given to you to complete your candy art. After 2 minutes, you can’t change the form. The chunk of soft candy is made from boiled starch syrup that is… Read more »