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TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’Guide Downloadable from GO TOKYO

“TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’Guide” is now downloadable from the official tourism website of Tokyo, GO TOKYO by Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau! The brochureis divided into 4 sections: Eat, Pray, Stay, and Shop.

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JNTO launches a website “JAPAN Welcome Guide for Muslim Visitors”

Japan National Tourism Organization has launched a website for muslim visitors to Japan. They list hotels and restaurants from all parts of Japan that are muslim-friendly. Very helpful. You can also check travel reports by two muslim bloggers.

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Halal Bento Box | Halal Bento Tokyo – We offer high class Halal Japanese cuisine bento delivery & catering for Muslim visitors-

Halal Bento Box | Halal Bento Tokyo – We offer high class Halal Japanese cuisine bento delivery & catering for Muslim visitors- We offer the finest Japanese halal meals and Omotenashi for Muslims. We can deliver our Washoku all over Japan and cater to Tokyo. You don’t need to worry about the food in Japan. For your travel in Japan, business meeting with Muslims, you may choose Freshly made delivery, chilled-delivery(vacuum-packed),or frozen-delivery(vacuum-packed). | Halal Bento Box Great service! Halal Washoku (Japanese cousin) bento deliverable anywhere in Japan. But the price is high, they got to be oishii…

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Duty-free Items increased for the foreign visitors to Japan!

From October 1st, 2014, foreign visitors to Japan can purchase consumable goods such as medicines, food, drinks, and cosmetics without paying the 8% consumption tax! Before then, only general goods such as electronics and clothes were applicable for duty-free shopping.  For details, check this page by Japan Shopping Tourism Organization. http://enjoy.taxfree.jp

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HATOBUS|Tokyo Aladdin (A day tour for muslims)

HATOBUS|Tokyo Aladdin (A day tour for muslims) Hato Bus is Tokyo’s foremost sightseeing bus service, providing convenient one-day trips to all of Tokyo’s best tourist spots. With our great variety of tours and destinations, let us create a perfect day in Tokyo just for you! Great news for muslims interested in getting around Tokyo! Hatobus is a famous bus tour agent in Tokyo, and they now have a day tour for muslims called “Tokyo Aladdin”! (Couldn’t they come up with a better name..?!) They have a tour on Mondays and Fridays, and the price is 9,500 yen/adult and 8,500 yen/child, including lunch and an English speaking guide. Somehow, the Friday… Read more »

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Muslim Friendly Kyoto

Muslim Friendly Kyoto Kyoto prefecture has their own Kyoto Travel Guide for muslims! The website is in English, Arabic, Turkish and Bahasa Melayu! They have separated restaurants into 4 categories: halal, muslim friendly, muslim welcome, and pork-free. 京都府の外国人観光客向けのウェブサイトにムスリム用のページがありました。レストランも4つにカテゴライズ(halal, muslim friendly, muslim welcome, pork-free)されていて、これなら利用する側にとっても安心です。私もこのカテゴリー分けを参考にしたいと思います。

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Japan Muslim Guide

Japan Muslim Guide The Japan Muslim Guide provides information on accommodation, restaurants and mosques for Muslim visitors to Japan. We would be very happy if this could be of any help in making your trip more comfortable. This is exactly what I wanted to do with my website but Halal Japan Business Association has completed it before I do… But anyway, this would be a really useful website for muslims living in Japan and for muslim tourists. To make my website different from ones like this, I think I want to make mine more personal rather than just a collection of information. I will try to write reviews and reports… Read more »