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Halal lunch is finally available at Sophia University, Tokyo

My alma mater, Sophia University has finally started selling halal bento. Although I feel they should have started this much earlier, I am very happy to see them trying to offer better environment for their diverse students.

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Halal Bakery Café Liaison @ Mita / Tamachi

(Revised: March, 2015) Unfortunately, Cafe Liaison will no longer be Halal Bakery from April, 2016. A halal bakery, Halal Bakery Cafe Liaison has opened near Tamachi/Mita station in Tokyo at the end of March. My muslim friend Amy works there and I’d been meaning to visit there and I finally did yesterday.

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Muslim Friendly Restaurant : Siddique (Indian/Pakistan Curry)

Siddique is a chain Indian/Pakistan curry shop based in Tokyo. If you are looking for halal meal but don’t know where to find it, look for one of their shops nearby. This restaurant has shops in the most convenient places like in Shinjuku, Azabu-juban (Roppongi), Jinbocho, Nihonbashi and more. They sell alcohol but their meal are halal. The lunch sets are reasonable and their naan is big, fresh and delicious!

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Halal Restaurant : La Toque @ Narita Airport T2

I somehow love being at the airport! I miss my previous job when I went to the airport so often. Anyway, I had a chance to go to Narita International Airport last month, and I went to try the new halal Japanese curry restaurant in terminal 2, so here’s the report about that. The restaurant is called La Toque and is located on the 4F in Narita Airport T2. It reopened as a halal Japanese curry restaurant last December. Its kitchen is certified by Japan Halal Association, all the ingredients used in the menu are halal, and to make it perfectly halal, they serve no alcoholic drinks. Actually, the kitchen… Read more »

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Muslim Friendly Ramen @ Shinyokohama Raumen Museum

We hear that many of the foreign tourists to Japan have “ramen” on their must-eat-in-Japan list. On the other hand, muslims, vegetarians and vegans probably have a hard time finding the ramen they can eat at those major popular ramen restaurants. But not at Shinyokohama Raumen Museum. They now offer “global standard ramen,” which is vegan and ovo-vegetarian (contains eggs) ramen. Among the 9 ramen shops in the museum, 6 of them now offer no pork, vegetarian ramen. My friend and I chose to eat at Komurasaki because they are known for their tonkotsu soup (pork bone broth) from Kumamoto prefecture. I was curious how their vegetarian noodle would taste… Read more »

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Halal Restaurant : Tokyo Halal Restaurant @ Akasaka

A real HALAL restaurant, that is not just muslim friendly, named “Tokyo Halal Restaurant” by ASlink has opened in Akasaka, Tokyo on Dec 19th. The restaurant is certified by Japan Islamic Trust, has a halal only kitchen with a muslim head chef, and serves no alcohol. You see, it’s really halal! I was invited to their press conference followed by the food tasting on the opening day. Mr. Mohammad Shamim, the president of ASlink, is from Bangladesh currently living in Japan. As a muslim himself, he says he wanted to make a place where muslim visitors to Japan can enjoy the food without any worries. The company has been doing catering from… Read more »

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Muslim Friendly Restaurant : Malaychan @ Ikebukuro

I had heard of Malaychan as the only restaurant in Japan that has been certified by JAKIM (Malaysia Halal) and as one of the oldest restaurants serving halal food. When I went to Ikebukuro the other day I remembered it and decided to try their lunch. It’s only about 5 min walk from JR Ikebukuro st. West Exit. The restaurant is small and has a kampong feel, which was nice. I ordered the chicken soup with rice vermicelli and my friend the nasi goring set that came with pickles and 2 sticks of satay with peanut sauce. Satay is one of my favorite dishes from Malaysia/Indonesia and I was excited… Read more »

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Muslim Friendly Restaurant : Salma Tikka Biryani @ Shinagawa

Best biryani I’ve had in my life!!!! This Indian restaurant is delicious, reasonable, clean, and muslim friendly. All the food here is halal; the chicken, lamb, and mutton meat used are halal. They don’t serve pork and beef. The only reason I don’t say it is a “halal restaurant” is because they serve alcohol. I read on Feel Japan with K that Brunei Embassy staff (their embassy is located in Shinagawa) are regular customers of Salma Tikka Biryani, and it made me want to try this place with my Japanese ex-colleague from Brunei. All the good reviews on the internet were true!! We both loved the food and the seats in… Read more »

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Muslim Friendly Restaurant : Gyumon(牛門) @ Shibuya

Few weeks ago, I went to try halal yakiniku in Shibuya with my muslim friend Amy and her husband, and my sister. Gyumon is certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation as a local halal restaurant (I will write about this “local halal certification” next time…). They serve both halal and non-halal meat, and they serve alcohol too. However, everything is separated between halal and non-halal; they have a halal kitchen, halal tableware and grills.