Amezaiku is a Japanese folk art of making candy sculptures. Ameshin in Asakusa is a small Amezaiku workshop/cafe owned by a young Japanese Amezaiku artisan where you can experience making an Amezaiku yourself!

The photos posted here are from the day I tried it with my sister. Each of us made a rabbit candy. The teacher said the rabbit motif is for beginners as making it requires all the basic skills of Amezaiku art.

So 2 minutes is the only time given to you to complete your candy art. After 2 minutes, you can’t change the form. The chunk of soft candy is made from boiled starch syrup that is heated until it has the right texture, which is thick enough to keep a form yet hot enough to keep it soft. The candy gets hard really fast! It gets harder every second and the more you touch (obviously because the temperature of your fingers’ are lower than the candy).

Small scissors and your fingers are the only tools. Be brave and quick, that’s the only way to complete your work. You can practice making two rabbits using brown recycled starch syrup before going for the white pure candy. Look how the brown ones looking almost like Pikachu and Moomin lol

The fee is 2500yen for an adult and 2000yen for children under 18. The teacher said small children can also do it, they have scissors for children. Advance booking is necessary but I don’t think they speak English, so ask your Japanese friend for assistance!


Written by mochi-tomo