I went to Tourism Expo Japan and luckily got a chance to see “Wanoma” (和の間)exhibited by Halal Japan Business Association. “Wanoma” means Japanese style room or space. A company called Tanseisha(丹青社)is planning to develop Japanese style muslim prayer rooms for muslim tourists. It was crowded and unofortunately my photos are blurry but you can see a basin and tap for ablution and tatami mats.

Do you think you would go if there was a Japanese style prayer room like this? I thought it’s a good idea.

And there was a halal bento seller at the venue. I didn’t get to taste it but it was a simple Japanese style bento certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation. It’s actually easy to make halal menu in Japan because we have variety of dishes made only with halal ingredients like seafood and vegetables. The owner told me he is opening a restaurant very soon, and it will be 100% halal with no alcohol served.

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Written by mochi-tomo