As you can imagine, it’s not easy to manage a halal restaurant or make halal products in a non-muslim country, Japan. Since operating a completely halal restaurant like in a muslim country is difficult in Japan, there are local standard for halal restaurants. Here, I will introduce “muslim friendly standard” by NPO Nippon Asia Halal Association and “local halal certification” by Malaysia Halal Corporation

Muslim Friendly Standard
– Ingredients: All must be halal.
– Plates and utensils: There must be plates and utensils only for halal food.
– Workers: 1, There must be workers who handle only halal items but others can handle non-halal items. 2, It’s not necessary to have muslim workers but workers will need proper training (on halal).
– Restaurants: 1, There must be lines only for halal items, 2, Some lines can serve alcohol items by following the system provided by the halal certification authority.

Local Halal Certification
– Halal and non-halal items must be strictly separated. (Dishes and containers etc)
– Alcohol can be served.

Some muslims may appreciate this and some may not. But I hope these standards and certification will give many muslims more choices and opportunies to enjoy in Japan

Written by mochi-tomo