Mochi Mochi Japan is proud to announce that we have completed the Hello Kitty Run yesterday!

We ran 42.195km relay in 3 hours 57 minutes and 3 seconds!! We were the 60th but it’s really not bad because we were a group of only 3 runners, 2 females and 1 male, whereas other groups had more than 5 runners. Our goal was to run the whole distance within 4 hours and 30 minutes, which was the time limit, and we reached the goal within less than 4 hours!

DJ Kitty was so entertaining and the whole event was a bit more special than other running events. The air in the suburb of Tokyo is great and Kitty chan would cheer you up. I thought including this kind of event in a travel itinerary to Japan is a good idea!

Written by mochi-tomo