Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing

In this last part of “Amy’s Travel Log” she will share the itinerary of this trip in detail. I found it interesting to see other people’s travel itinerary. It can help you sort out your own. 

It’s worth checking how they made full use of different bus/train passes for tourists. Since the Japanese government is putting much effort into help vitalize the Japanese economy through tourism,  there are all kinds of passes and discounts only for foreign tourists that Japanese can’t get!! There are many more that are not mentioned in this post, so even if you don’t have the most powerful “JR Pass,” do some research and there should be alternatives. 

Please note that some information here such as prices are as of 2015 Feb. In fact, Tokyo Disneyland and Sea ticket prices will be raised from April 1, 2016.



  • Bold letters: City or area name
  • Green letters: Restaurants and the type of dishes available
  • Orange letters: Accommodation. Those days left unwritten were when they stayed at our place in Nishimizumoto, Katsushika City, east of Tokyo.
  • Blue letters: Mode of transportation and routes. The route written is based from JR Kanamachi or Kameari train station as it is the nearest station from where we live in Tokyo, where the nearest main tourist spot is Oshiage/Asakusa. The route varies depending on the place you are staying at. You can search for either the cheapest, less hassle or quickest route for train rides from Jorudan website/mobile app (, English version for the website is available. It does not include Tobu, Toei and Keisei city bus, and so I had to lookout for bus stands and their routes around the city prior to the visit.

Day 1

Arrived at Narita International airport (from BWN via SIN to TYO-NRT)

Restaurant: Hamazushi (sushi and soba) 

Train: Narita airport st. (using Keisei Line) ⇨ Keisei Takasago st. (Keisei Kanamachi line) ⇨ Keisei Kanamachi st. took approx. 1hr for 920 yen


Day 2 (TOKYO Omotesando, Shibuya)

Shopped at Kiddyland and Oakley store along Omotesando as well as at Labi Yamada Denki, Tokyu Hands, Bic Camera and crossed the busiest zebra crossing in Shibuya.

Restaurant: Turkish Kebab Cafe, Gindaco (takoyaki)

Train: Kanamachi st. (using JR Joban line) ⇨ Kitasenju st. (direct subway Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line) ⇨ Omotesando st. took approx. 42mins for 410 yen


Day 3 (TOKYO Asakusa)

Visited the Kaminarimon gate, Sensoji temple and Japanese souvenir shops in Asakusa.

Bus: Kanamachi st. (using Toei bus 草39 route) ⇨ Asakusa Kaminarimon stop took approx. 45mins for 220 yen

Restaurant: Naritaya (ramen), Kurikoan Taiyaki (fish shaped pancake)

Climbed up Tokyo Sky tree, the World’s tallest tower in Oshiage; the admission fee to Tokyo Sky tree Tembo Deck (which was on the 350th floor) 2,060yen for adults

Train: Asakusa st. (using Tobu Sky Tree line) ⇨ Tokyo Sky Tree st. took 3mins for 150yen


Day 4 (CHIBA Tokyo Disney Sea)


Disney Sea

Visited Tokyo Disneysea in Maihama, Chiba prefecture; the admission fee for adults 6,400yen

Bus: Kameari st. (using Keisei bus from bus stand no.1 at south exit) ⇨ Tokyo Disneysea which took about 1hr for 410yen


Day 5 (TOKYO Akihabara)

Visited Electric town in Akihabara

Train: Kanamachi st. (using JR Joban line) ⇨ Kitasenju st. (direct subway Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line) ⇨ Nishinippori (JR Yamanote line) ⇨ Akihabara st. took approx. 33mins for 390yen 

Visited Aquacity and Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba

Train: Akihabara st. (using JR Keihin Tohoku line) ⇨ Shimbashi (Yurikamome line) ⇨ Daiba st. took approx. 40mins for 480yen


Day 6  (TOCHIGI Nikko)

Visited Nikko Edo Wonderland in Nikko, Tochigi prefecture; the admission fee for adults 2,600yen due to the discount period, normal price for adults 4,700yen

Food: Soba tempura

Restaurant at Kitasenju: Unatoto (unadon, i.e. grilled eel on rice)

Train: Kanamachi st. (using JR Joban line) ⇨ Kitasenju st.

Train pass: 2Day Nikko Pass, 2,670yen available for purchase 1 month prior at Tobu Sightseeing Service Center and Tobu Group Tourist Plaza.

Kitasenju st. (using Tobu Nikko Kinugawaonsen line rapid train) ⇨ Kinugawaonsen st. took approx. 2hrs, possible to get off from Kosagoe or Shintakatoku st, depends on the schedule of the bus


Day 7 (OSAKA)

Depart Narita Airport (TYO-NRT) to Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Plane: using Jetstar Japan GK205 for 6,920yen took 1hr 40mins

Visited Shinsaibashi, Dotonbori and Namba, Osaka

Restaurant: Bintang cafe (Indonesian cuisine), Osaka crispy takoyaki, okonomiyaki (Japanese “pizza”)

Bus: Airport (using Osaka Airport Limousine) ⇨ Osaka Umeda st. took about 1hr for 1,550yen

Train pass: Enjoy Eco Card, 800yen for adults during weekdays, 1 day all-you-can ride pass for Osaka subways, new tram and buses

Hotel: Hotel MyStays Otemae, nearest station is Tanimachi Yonchome st. which is also near Osaka castle (standard twin cost about 4,700yen for 1 person, apartment room for 4 people cost 21,000yen)


Day 8 (OSAKA Universal Studio Japan)



Visited Universal Studio Japan; admission fee for adults 7,200yen

Restaurant: Indian restaurant located near the exit of the theme park

Train: Tanimachi-yonchome st. (using Osaka City Chuo line subway) ⇨ Bentencho st. (JR Osaka Loop line) ⇨ Nishi-kujo st. (JR Sakurajima line) ⇨ Universal City st. took about 30mins for 400yen

Hotel: Hotel MyStays Otemae



Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

Visited Osaka castle and park

Visited Kinkakuji temple, Kiyomizudera temple and Gion in Kyoto

Restaurant: Kappazushi’s branch Kyonotonbo Kawaramachi (sushi)

Train: Tanimachi-yonchome st. (Osaka City Tanimachi subway line) ⇨ Higashi Umeda/Osaka st. (JR Kyoto line rapid) ⇨ Kyoto st. took about 1hr for 800yen

Bus pass: Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-day Pass, 500yen for adults, 1 day all-you-can ride pass within the flat-fare zone of Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus (flat fare routes cost 230yen for a single ride)


Day 10 (KYOTO-TOKYO Harajuku, Shinjuku)

Depart Kyoto to Tokyo; visited Tokyo station building;

Highway Bus: using Kyoto VIP liner ⇨ Tokyo st. took about 8hrs plus for 7,500yen (individual private seat with toilet)

Visited Takeshita street in Harajuku and Shinjuku


Day 11

Depart Narita International airport T1 (TYO via SIN to BWN)

Restaurant: Mugimaru (chicken curry udon)


We hope this will help you organize your trip to Japan ;D

Written by mochi-tomo