Amy, my Muslim friend from Brunei living in Japan is helping me out with this blog! Teri makasih! Here’s a review of a muslim friendly restaurant in Narita International Airport by her. Besides Tentei, there’s another muslim friendly restaurant called Kineyamugimaru, a homemade udon restaurant, in terminal 1. Your review is also welcome, feel free to write your comment here.


Good news for Muslims who are waiting for their flight, stranded or just arrived at Narita International airport! There is a halal-certified (by Malaysian Halal Consultation & Training Agency) Japanese restaurant, named “あげたての味 天亭 Tentei”, which specialised in tempura and soba noodles.

It is located on the 4th departure floor of terminal 2 before the passport control, you can go up the escalator near check-in counters C and D. It is very close to 3 other Japanese restaurants “Tonkatsu Inaba Wako”, “Sojibou” and “Sushiden”.

The restaurant also serves tendon (tempura rice bowl) and sashimi. The dishes cost from 800 yen, which is quite affordable. Unfortunately, they serves alcohol beverages, but all the glasses used for alcohol beverages are kept in a separate area from the halal kitchen.

You can also order take outs or reserves your seats beforehand. They have counter and table seats and if you are lucky, you’ll get seats where you can see aircrafts outside!

*The dish in the photo is soba noodles on bamboo tray with prawns and vegetable tempura.


Halal restaurants in Narita Airport

Written by mochi-tomo