My friend was visiting Tokyo over the weekend and when I asked what she wanted to eat in Tokyo, she said “good Indian food and really good burger.” So I did some research, then found out that some of the most popular Indian restaurants in Tokyo are concentrated in the area near Tokyo Station. We decided to try one of them and it happened that the restaurant was muslim-friendly.

Dakshin is a South Indian Cuisine restaurant on the same block as Yaesu Book Center near Tokyo Station. We made a booking and went for dinner. Lucky we had booked ahead, almost all tables had a reserved sign!

Their speciality is south Indian food but they also have dishes from the north. Although we were tempted to have some dishes from the north like saag curry with cheese, which is my favorite, this time we decided to try only the ones listed as south Indian food.

The papad and cauliflower manchurian we had for appetizer were really nice, and mutton biryani was fantastic! We had two kinds of curry, one with shrimps and another with spinach. Veechi paratha, a kind of bread we had with the curry was tasty, too.

They don’t serve any pork dishes and all meat used are halal. Alcohol are served.

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Written by mochi-tomo