We hear that many of the foreign tourists to Japan have “ramen” on their must-eat-in-Japan list. On the other hand, muslims, vegetarians and vegans probably have a hard time finding the ramen they can eat at those major popular ramen restaurants. But not at Shinyokohama Raumen Museum. They now offer “global standard ramen,” which is vegan and ovo-vegetarian (contains eggs) ramen. Among the 9 ramen shops in the museum, 6 of them now offer no pork, vegetarian ramen.

My friend and I chose to eat at Komurasaki because they are known for their tonkotsu soup (pork bone broth) from Kumamoto prefecture. I was curious how their vegetarian noodle would taste like compared to their rich tonkotsu ramen. Below is the photo of Ousama ramen: on the right is normal and left is vegan.


We were surprised how they looked almost the same! Those slices of meat looking things are made from beans and they don’t have much taste. Now, the soup tasted different from the normal one but it was so rich! It’s vegan. I am not so into ramen but it was just satisfying!


On the ticket vending machine, the vegetarian ramen has “no pork” and “vegetarian” pictogram. Lastly, I have to remind you that they are not 100% halal. According to their website, those restaurants serving vegetarian ramens

  • don’t have a separate kitchen for that,
  • don’t have muslim chefs,
  • don’t use alcohol but some soy sauce and miso might contain alcohol that have been produced during the fermentation process,
  • serve alcoholic drinks.

Having said that, they are muslim friendly. They have a prayer room with a Qibla and mats, free wi-fi, and multilingual pamphlets.


Written by mochi-tomo