Best biryani I’ve had in my life!!!!

This Indian restaurant is delicious, reasonable, clean, and muslim friendly. All the food here is halal; the chicken, lamb, and mutton meat used are halal. They don’t serve pork and beef. The only reason I don’t say it is a “halal restaurant” is because they serve alcohol.

I read on Feel Japan with K that Brunei Embassy staff (their embassy is located in Shinagawa) are regular customers of Salma Tikka Biryani, and it made me want to try this place with my Japanese ex-colleague from Brunei. All the good reviews on the internet were true!! We both loved the food and the seats in the terrace, and thought the price was very reasonable.

We ordered a Salma set, which comes with a salad, 3 kinds of curries, a mix tandoori plate, a naan and a bit of saffron rice, and a drink, and a Biryani set, with a salad, a huge portion of biryani, raita (yogurt salad), dal curry, and a drink. I really liked the biryani. You can choose to have it with vegetables or chicken or lamb, and we chose lamb. The texture of rice was just nice and not oily, the lamb was tender, the spices were flavorful, and it looked colorful and beautiful. The tandoori chicken was delicious, too. Salma set is 1500 yen and Biryani set is 1200 yen. The portion is big so we could’ve shared these 2 sets with 3 people. We ended up eating almost all because they were so good but I was really full until the night that I barely ate dinner.

Shinagawa is a convenient place for tourists as the trains to and from both Narita and Haneda airport stop there.

Looks like they do all-you-can-eat curry buffet lunch on weekdays for 1000 yen. But I’d recommend you to try their biryani!



5min walk from Shinagawa Station, Takanawa exit.

1F 4-22-11, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-3449-5302

Open: 11am-11pm

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Written by mochi-tomo