Few weeks ago, I went to try halal yakiniku in Shibuya with my muslim friend Amy and her husband, and my sister. Gyumon is certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation as a local halal restaurant (I will write about this “local halal certification” next time…). They serve both halal and non-halal meat, and they serve alcohol too. However, everything is separated between halal and non-halal; they have a halal kitchen, halal tableware and grills.

The place is compact and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are visiting an old Japanese house. But that wasn’t the case when I went there, we were surrounded by non-Japanese and I felt like I was in a Japanese restaurant somewhere overseas! There was a group of Indonesian ladies in tudong (head scarf) next to our table and behind us were two foreign tourists. They all must had come to eat the halal meat.

Gyumon had a halal yakiniku set for 4000 yen, so we ordered 2 sets for four of us. The set included various parts of beef, rice, salad and drink. It was just enough to enjoy Japanese style BBQ. We had our own Shichirin (a Japanese style grill) on our table and cooked the meat by ourselves. Very reasonable and a good place to bring a foreign friend.

Malaysia Halal Corporation    http://en.mhalalc.jp/yakiniku.html



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Written by mochi-tomo