Khan Kebab Biryani is a south Indian restaurant near Shinbashi station. Their food is all halal but they serve alcohol. It’s on the 6F of the toy store Hakuhinkan near Ginza 8Chome crossing.

The restaurant is very clean and the staff are friendly. It might be better to book ahead if you are going in a group as many tables had a reserved sign when I went on a Friday night.



For dinner, they have many curries, tandoori dishes, appetizers and of course biryani. They also offer few kinds of course menu that comes with drinks (free refills, including alcoholic beverages).

Those course menus are highly recommended! You get to try different food and it would be cheaper for most people. Unless you want to eat something in particular that is not included in the course, those course menu would be great. We didn’t take the course since my main purpose of the night was to try biryani, and that was all I had in my mind! And we ended up paying more than the course price for less variety of food!



We tried lamb biryani. It was colorful and flavorful, and the rice was perfectly cooked. The staff recommended to try a curry, too, so we got a shrimp curry. The curry was a way too hot/spicy for me that we had to order an extra raita(yogurt salad) and plain basmati rice. But at the end, the raita, the spicy curry and basmati rice created great flavor together.

Since I fell in love with biryani a while ago, I’ve cooked biryani at home three times but they never turned out more than just good. I realized it is important to see and taste the food cooked by the professionals to learn more. Can’t wait to try it out at home again!

Oh! And don’t forget to check out Hakuhinkan, the toy store in the same building. It’s been there since I was a child. You can get some fun stuff only sold in Japan.

Khan Kebab Biryani

Ginza Hakuhinkan 6F
8-8-11 Ginza Chuoku Tokyo



Written by mochi-tomo