If you like eating beef, you would probably miss them while you are Japan. That is because carbs(rice and bread) and seafood are the easiest halal food you can find here and you would be eating these most of the time. If you like beef, however, remember that there are few restaurants in Tokyo that offer halal beef yakiniku (BBQ)! Tanden near Yoyogi station is one of them and they serve beef that is not just halal but is Japanese “wagyu” beef!!


Wagyu halal meat from Kyushu

Tanden, a yakiniku BBQ restaurant Yoyogi branch offers a wagyu halal beef beside non-halal beef yakiniku menu. The halal beef is from a farm in Kagoshima prefecture in Kyushu. Zenkaimeat Corporation in Kumamoto prefecture handles the slaughter process and their meat has been the first in Japan to be certified halal.

The halal course menu has been authorized as “local halal” by MHC Co.,Ltd. since December 2014. The menu includes different parts of beef, salad, rice, soup, dessert, and free flow of drinks (90 min). They use a disposable grill and have tableware and glasses used only for halal course. They even wash and store them separately from other dishes used in the restaurant.


Catching up with ex-colleague

I tried Tanden when my muslim ex-colleague came to Japan. There were few more other groups enjoying halal yakiniku while Japanese people were having normal yakiniku on the other side. The restaurant was pretty strict about halal menu and they didn’t let us order any extra side dishes such as kimchi or other salad. If you are going to order halal menu, the course will be the only choice for the group.  The disposable grill gave us a bit of a hard time grilling the meat but overall we were very satisfied. I was happy my friend was able to try Japanese beef.






Satsuma TANDEN Yoyogi

5-21-12 Yoyogi living 1F, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Train: Yoyogi station on JR Yamanote Line (You can walk from Shinjuku station too.)
Website: http://www.tanden.in/index.html

Written by mochi-tomo