This Teppanyaki restaurant is operated by Les’ copaque Japan Co., Ltd. (local corporation of Les’ copaque production from Malaysia known as the animation production company of “Upin dan Ipin”) that offers halal meat teppanyaki! The restaurant is certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association as muslim-friendly. All menu are halal and no alcoholic drinks are on the menu.

I visited there for lunch and there were already two or three groups dining in who were all non-Japanese. The staff told me most of their customers are from Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, both tourists and those living in Japan. There is a picture of Upin and Ipin on the wall and the BGM was 90s J-Pop, and it felt like being in a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.


They had five kinds of lunch sets and I tried Japanese fried chicken (karaage) set and my boyfriend had steamed chicken set. I liked my karaage! It reminded me of karaage from Kaizen restaurant in Brunei that I really liked. All lunch sets are below 1000 yen. For dinner, they have many healthy dish using vegetables like organic vegetable salad and sautéed burdock with root vegetables and also some asian dishes like mee goreng and sambal rice. And of course, teppanyaki and halal meat.

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I think the best part of this restaurant is that they serve halal wagyu beef! They can do teppanyaki with halal beef and chicken. It’s also nice that you can see the kitchen from your seat and that the restaurant is clean in spacious. I would definitely bring muslims friends here for dinner rather than lunch as I think they offer more variety than any other halal restaurants I have seen so far. I should go again for dinner and try their teppanyaki next time.

The location might be difficult to find for tourists without the help of google map. It is located between Daikanyama and Ebisu in Tokyo. I walked from Daikanyama station and it was about 10-min walk.

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You can check the menu on their website.

Written by mochi-tomo