My alma mater, Sophia University has finally started selling halal bento. Although I feel they should have started this much earlier, I am very happy to see them trying to offer better environment for their diverse students.

The bento are provided by Tokyo Halal Deli (Aslink). It’s the company that I introduced before as the operator of  one of the few 100% halal restaurants in Tokyo, Tokyo halal restaurant.

The prices of the halal bento are very affordable that “Tokyo halal burger” is only 240 yen, “Halal Chicken Hamburg Bento” is 450 yen, “Halal Chicken Curry” is 350 yen and etc. Very student-friendly. (*Prices may be changed.)

My friend (sempai) tried the bento soon after they started selling. He said there was a long line for the bento and the taste was nothing different from ordinary Japanese bento. I believe he said it as a compliment.

You can read an article about this halal bento on Japan Times website.

Written by mochi-tomo