(Revised: March, 2015)

Unfortunately, Cafe Liaison will no longer be Halal Bakery from April, 2016.

A halal bakery, Halal Bakery Cafe Liaison has opened near Tamachi/Mita station in Tokyo at the end of March. My muslim friend Amy works there and I’d been meaning to visit there and I finally did yesterday.

With the help of google map, I reached the bakery around 10:30am and the cafe tables were already all taken! I was expecting to see many foreign muslims in the store but as Amy told me, most customers seemed like they are locals living in the area. Some were with babies and kids. I looked around the shop and quickly realized why the place was popular: all breads are additive-free and prices are so reasonable!

Bakeries in Japan sell really good breads but the prices can be very expensive. Liaison’s prices are very reasonable (or cheap) that many of the breads are below 200 yen.

I bought some bagels, croissant, a bun with walnut and chocolate, and some more for my niece and nephew. I just had them for my breakfast! Probably because they use rice flour, they had mochi mochi texture, and all were simply delicious!

Like Amy, most of the staff members working at the bakery baking and doing the cashier are muslims. Inside the store you can see them baking from the glass window. I must go when Amy is baking!

Halal Bakery Café Liaison
4-1-9 Mita Minatoku Tokyo Mita Hillside Bld. 1F
Opening hours: 9am – 7pm, closed on Fridays

Written by mochi-tomo