I was walking through the shopping street that leads to the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and saw this halal senbei (rice crackers) named “Tokyo Arare” certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association. I bought the red pepper flavor to try. I was expecting it to be really hot but it was actually sweet! Then a little later I got a subtle spicy flavor.

I think they made halal senbei because many of the senbei is flavored with the sauce that contains mirin (sweet cooking rice wine). Mirin is daily used condiment in Japan and it’s a bit hard to avoid. The tricky part is that mirin doesn’t taste like alcohol at all. It’s used to add sweetness to the flavor.

This could be a safe souvenir for muslims. The package is nice, too.

Nippon Asia Halal Association  http://web.nipponasia-halal.org (Japanese)

Tokyo Arare http://osama-do.co.jp/item/halal/index.html (Japanese)

Written by mochi-tomo