Mochi Mochi Halal is a blog dedicated to the muslim visitors to Japan.

I came up with the idea of creating a blog about Japan for muslim visitors when I was working in an islamic country. One of my closest muslim colleagues was very strict about what she eats for her religious beliefs. She said she would love to visit Japan but that it would be difficult for her because of the food. She said it will be tiring to be worried about food while traveling. So, I told her if she decides to visit Japan, I will do the research about where she can eat halal meal and do the prayer.

Then I thought, maybe there are more muslim people like her who are hesitating to visit Japan because of the lack of information that are necessary for them. I thought why not share the information I collect for my friend with others like her?

I hope you find something here that will help your visit to Japan.

In case you are wondering who I am. I am Tomo, a non-muslim Japanese living in Japan. I took a two-day course by Japan Halal Business Association to study about halal and halal business in Japan before starting this blog. My favorite moments are when I am eating delicious food with my friends and family, and when I am learning, seeing and experiencing new parts of the world while traveling.