Halal Biryani at Khan Kebab Biryani (Shinbashi/Ginza)

  Khan Kebab Biryani is a south Indian restaurant near Shinbashi station. Their food is all halal but they serve alcohol. It’s on the 6F of the toy store Hakuhinkan near Ginza 8Chome crossing. The restaurant is very clean and the staff are friendly. It might be better to book ahead if you are going in a group as many tables had a reserved sign when I went on a Friday night.     For dinner, they have many curries, tandoori dishes, appetizers and of course biryani. They also offer few kinds of course menu that comes with drinks (free refills, including alcoholic beverages). Those course menus are highly recommended!… Read more »

Hostels in Tokyo that Aren’t Just Cheap

  We have many budget hostels and guesthouses in Tokyo like never before. Many of them are modern and stylish. They go beyond what you would expect from the hostels in general. At least they offer more than the cheap prices and bunk beds/futons. One of the reasons those new hostels are popping up one after another is the issue of serious accommodation shortage Tokyo is facing. Although the Japanese government has raised its target for the number of annual foreign tourists, Tokyo doesn’t yet have enough hotels to accommodate them. While the government is taking years to discuss the guidelines for home sharing, airbnb and such, that will serve as alternatives to… Read more »

5 Tips on How to Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Cherry blossom season in Japan is the peak foreign tourist season. It’s hard to say exactly when is the cherry blossom season in Japan because it is different by region and every year the cherry blossoms peak at different times depending on the weather and the temperature in the winter. That being said, in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms reach full bloom usually from the last week of March until the very beginning of April. It’s one of the most beautiful time of year but also the busiest. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the sakura season in Japan.   1. Find sakura around you Famous sakura viewing places are… Read more »

  • Real Life Mario Kart in Tokyo with MariCar!

    Real-life Mario Kart in Tokyo has become a popular activity among foreign tourists. Many have posted pictures and videos of their experiences on the internet with positive feedbacks. Some say it was the highlight of their trip in Japan. My family and I decided to try it for my birthday last year. We were a group of five. Each of us cosplayed as a different Super Mario character and went cruising around Tokyo Tower, Roppongi, and Shinagawa area on a Saturday night. Once we were on the road, we quickly understood why it was so popular. It’s weird and fun!

  • Essential Halal Products for Japanese Cooking

    A bowl of rice and miso soup. The photo above shows what I had for breakfast one morning. It may look too simple and I admit I wasn’t excited about those food when I was younger. But now, I feel like these food are luxury. The warm freshly cooked Japanese rice is my comfort food. The miso soup made with the homemade miso I made with my friends is so good that I can’t go back to the supermarket miso. With my love for simple Japanese food, I will introduce 5 halal ingredients you may use to cook Japanese meal.

  • 5 Halal Ramen Shops in Tokyo

    Japanese Ramen may be the top 3 meals foreign tourists are excited to try in Japan. Most of the popular ramen shops in Japan are not halal but that doesn’t mean you have no choice. As more muslim tourists are visiting Japan now, some halal ramen shops have opened in the last few years.

  • Have Fun till the End of Your Trip at Haneda INT Airport

    Haneda Airport is very convenient for visitors to Tokyo. If you can choose whether to fly in/out of  Narita or Haneda, I would recommend you choose Haneda. Not only because it saves your time allowing you to spend more time in the city, I think Haneda Airport is more fun than Narita. Here’re what you can do in Haneda all before proceeding to the immigration.

  • Islam Yokocho Alley in Shin-okubo Neighborhood

    Shin-okubo area in Tokyo is widely known as a Korean town but not a lot of people know there’s also an Islam Yokocho (alley) near the station. Some halal grocery shops, mosques (ex. an apartment room used as a prayer room), and halal restaurants are in the Islam Yokocho.

  • Making My Own Nukazuke (Fermented Rice Bran Pickles)

    Japanese rice bran pickles Nukazuke has been one of the most interesting food I’ve been working on this year. This post is about how I started making them and a story behind it.

  • Mashiko – A Town of Pottery

    If you have a thing for pottery, Japan has so much for you to explore. From the northern part of Honshu to Okinawa, each region has pottery of different characteristics.

  • Walking Around Daikanyama Neighborhood

    One of the few things that I like living in Tokyo is that you have your international friends visiting the city like every other month. You rarely get out of the country to treat yourself to a long vacation, which really sucks, but meeting up with your foreign friends in Tokyo makes you feel like you are on a semi-vacation, like you are half out of the country. And I love showing my friends around my hometown because it also gives me a chance to explore places both new and old.

  • Halal Malaysian Food at Rasa Malaysia (Ginza)

    It felt kind of strange to meet my Japanese friends from the time in Brunei over clay pot tofu and assam curry fish head in the middle of Tokyo. So much memories of Borneo came back to me just by browsing the familiar names of the food on the menu.